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These are the three black dogs that inspire the name of my ghostwriting business—from front to back, Jackson, Bella, and Harlow. 322 combined pounds of love, enthusiasm, and drool.

When I am writing, they are arranged around me wherever I am, usually one or two draped across my legs or a head in my lap.

Life needs joy and connection, so why not pay tribute to the wonderful souls that light up my life?


 My journey to Certified Ghostwriter was long, with many side trips. My relationship with books started early, and my reading addiction was a family joke. As a child, I loved to be sent to my room as punishment because I could read in peace. I did all tasks with a book in my hand, from vacuuming to gardening to eating. It was no surprise University consisted of a Rhetoric and Professional Writing degree because, you know, books!

Due to limited jobs when I got out of school, I worked as a chef while writing on the side. This combination continued for 22 years as I climbed the ladder to executive chef in several regions in North America and the Middle East.

I switched careers in my forties to get out of the kitchen. I continued to write as a Regional Sales Manager and Economic Development Officer, sometimes applying my skills to grants, business plans, and website development. Finally, my writing “side job” required over 12 hours a day, so I dropped my “real” job to focus on my true passion.

My varied and rich career path taught me how to build relationships, inspire people to reach peak individual performance goals, and exceptional organization. Working in team environments and for government agencies geared towards helping people taught me respect, empathy, and that everyone has an important story to tell. I bring all these lessons to my ghostwriting and take pride in the work I produce for my clients.

I look forward to turning your vision into a reality.


Michelle Anderson

Please contact me with any questions or to book your free 30-minute consultation at
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