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What is Ghostwriting?

Ghostwriting is a creative partnership that yields a marketable, literary property. This partnership might mean starting with an idea and fleshing it out into a full-blown book or just requiring a professional book proposal to submit to publishers and agents. There are many layers to this relationship and multiple services designed to suit your needs.


Each service I provide has unique components and moves through different steps. You can find specifics in Services and Budget. Ghostwriting packages can contain some of the other services—Musical Line Editing—and the scope depends on what you need from me. You have control over the entire process, and a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) signed upfront ensures your privacy. 


How Ghostwriting Works

We will start with an NDA and an initial 30-minute consultation (free) about your book, and you decide on a strategy to move forward. 


We review what you have (if anything at this point) and analyze strengths, obstacles to success, potential markets, and the most effective template. This 3 to 5 page document will determine the best way to move forward and placement in the market. 

At this point, we will develop an action plan, schedule interviews, and create a concept outline. Interviews ensure I can capture your voice, fill in any gaps, and uncover areas in the book that might require more research.



If you have ever read a book and “something” didn’t work, it was probably structure. This issue is easily fixed by creating auto-read Slinky® Flow. I will:

  • Collect and organize the material (yours and mutually developed) to remove structural issues 

  • Determine motivation, agenda, personality, mannerisms, background/perspective

  • Construct character studies, action maps, and charts

  • Create an outline that becomes the blueprint of your book 


We will review the structure documents, and after you approve the outline, sequence, and approach, the writing begins.



The first draft is getting everything down and should include the story, theory, and your experience or expertise. This is your vision, and it should convey your intent. You will be front and center every step of this process as I write the book chapter by chapter. When you receive Chapter One, you inform me what changes to make, what you like, and even if you think a different approach is better. 

I make your changes and send the chapter back to you—as many times as necessary—until you are happy. This process continues with each chapter until the book is complete.


Musical Line Edit

We can do this line-by-line edit together, or you can review and provide feedback chapter by chapter. This trade-secret editing technique from Wambtac Ghostwriting adds punch, impact, energy, and forward drive to manuscripts. Good manuscripts acquire sparkle and flow. Musical Line Editing considers the issues most editors find and resolve, such as the overall structure, grammar, punctuation, word choice, spelling, sentence structure, and chapter flow. But it also includes:

  • Passive-verb impact, deficiency, or invisibility

  • Static-phrasing connection or detachment

  • Paragraph power or impotence

  • Intro energy or lethargy

  • Outro momentum or fall off


Editing and Proofreading


Copy editing and proofreading are performed by cold-eye third-party experts who sign an NDA. Content is not changed as formal grammar, syntax, punctuation, and other standard editing issues are resolved. You and I can sometimes overlook minor errors and inconsistencies because we are too close to the book at this stage. You can hire these professionals yourself if desired.  


Finished Manuscript


Our relationship doesn’t stop with the final edit if you require more help. I can advise you on publishing options and provide the powerful tools required to move forward, such as an industry-standard Book Proposal (nonfiction), Synopsis (fiction), or Bestseller Strategy Plan. 

Please contact me with any questions or to book your free 30-minute consultation at
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