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What is a Certified Ghostwriter?

A professional, certified ghostwriter can help you create the book you envision. The University of California, Long Beach, offers certification to those who complete an intense master’s level program taught by Wambtec Ghostwriting, book industry professionals. There are fewer than 100 certified ghostwriters in the world at present. Certified ghostwriters know how to: 

  • Determine market positioning upfront, so your book has its best chance of selling

  • Highlight and emphasize the strengths in your intellectual property

  • Uncover and remedy the hidden deal-breakers that can make your manuscript into an “easy reject”

  • Maintain your voice, style, intent, and perspective throughout all rewrites and edits

  • Line edit to maximize its punch, drive, and reading pleasure

  • Guide you through today’s publishing-options maze to the best route for your title

Do you help me figure out publishing options?

Yes, once you have your manuscript, I will help you navigate your many publishing choices, finding the best option for your literary property.


Traditional Publishing

This option can be the hardest to negotiate, takes time, and requires patience. It requires the least industry knowledge, financial investment, and marketing/distribution effort on your part. The publisher handles the publishing and distribution of the book, paying for the rights to your book for a specific amount of time. You receive 7 to 12% of the wholesale price (50 to 55% off the retail price). If you want to use a traditional publisher, you need:

  • An Industry Standard Book Proposal (nonfiction and memoir)

  • An Industry-Standard Synopsis (fiction)

  • The full manuscript (memoir and fiction)

  • A literary agent, who will take 15 to 25% of all advances and royalties


It is impossible to predict the deal your agent will make on your behalf, but the following ranges are standard:

Nice Deal: $1 to $49,000

Very Nice Deal:  $50, 000 to $99,000

Good Deal: $100, 000 to $250,000

Significant Deal: $251,000 to $499,000

Major Deal: $500,000 and up


Service, “Indie,” and Hybrid Publishing

You need to make a cash investment in this faster option and must decide how much control you want over the process. You partner with the publisher to split all costs and profits, and the publisher packages and distributes the book with your input. You receive a larger percentage until your investment is paid off, then, typically, a 50/50 split of all proceeds.


Hybrid publishing is becoming a viable choice as companies are pushing their titles into global markets and developing strong distribution chains. Do your due diligence before you sign a contract.


You need the full manuscript (nonfiction, memoir, and fiction). A Book Proposal or Bestseller Strategy Plan might benefit you.



You retain all control, rights, and profits. Depending on the amount of time, effort, and cash you invest, this can be the least or most lucrative publishing avenue.

You need the full manuscript (nonfiction, memoir, and fiction). A Bestseller Strategy Plan may be a benefit.


How long does it take to write a book?


Every project is different and has unique considerations, including your availability and the type of book. There is usually an agreed-upon completion date in our ghostwriting contract. General time frames are:  

  • Nonfiction, business, and legacy books: 5 to 7 months

  • Memoirs (interviews, writing, editing): 6 to 11 months

  • Fiction (75,000 to 100,000 words): 6 to 12 months

Will you find me a literary agent or publisher?

I can help target publishers and agents in your niche by creating a submission list, but I do not guarantee the result.


How is your fee paid?

The payment schedule for services can vary depending on whether you need ongoing coaching or have committed to the ghostwriting service. There is a first payment when the contract is signed, and the rest is submitted in monthly payments via credit card or Etransfer. 


I already have a manuscript, so do I need a ghostwriter?


Yes! The hard work is done, but you probably don't know your book's potential or maybe, even what to do with it. My services can take the book to another level through editing, line editing, restructuring, and proofreading. I can evaluate the manuscript and highlight obstacles to success from an industry point of view. 


How do I get started?

Easy! I do a free 30-minute consult to determine your needs and get to know your project. Then, in most cases, you hire me to do an Analysis and Recommendations to determine the potential, market, and possible issues of the manuscript. I include recommendations to remove the obstacles to its success. I will send you this comprehensive report and a bid for the complete project. You make the decision to hire me and work together on the project or move on and fix it yourself. After the project is complete, we can also create a plan to market it or a proposal for agents. 


Who gets the credit?

You get all the credit and own the copyright! Your name is on your book. You make the profits from the sales.


What have you ghosted?

Due to the nature of this business, I can’t reveal the names of clients or titles. I’ve ghosted books by well-known reality show celebrities, doctors, influencers, CEOs, engineers, world travelers, nurses, nutritionists, abuse survivors, eating disorder survivors, health experts, and many more.

Please contact me with any questions or to book your free 30-minute consultation at
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