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Services and Budget

Each project is a unique venture and is evaluated individually. Some services are standalone, and others, such as Book Proposals or a Bestseller Strategy Plan, can be added to the price of your ghostwriting contract or used as a standalone product. Fees are always transparent, and a manageable monthly payment plan ensures your book project moves forward smoothly from start to finish:

Fee ranges and schedules typically fall within the parameters below and are paid monthly:      



Analysis & Recommendations

This service is often the first step in our relationship, and sometimes all you need to find your direction. I will evaluate your manuscript and provide a comprehensive, written report outlining potential markets, selling points, obstacles in the marketplace, and recommendations for overcoming those obstacles. An A&R includes: 

  • Identify your manuscript’s “gold” and other strengths

  • Identify any deal-breakers and other weaknesses

  • Three best market placement (BISAC) and direct-to-reader (Amazon) classifications

  • Provide an industry-standard pitch line 

  • Detailed Analysis with overall potential considering strengths, weaknesses, and market(s)

  • Step-by-step “how-to” corrections for marketplace obstacles


Industry Standard Book Proposal

Book proposals require unique writing skills to create a compelling presentation of your book. The document must adhere to industry standards and be tailored to each agent’s specific protocols. I will craft a proposal incorporating market research and highlight the agents and publishers who might consider your book.




All nonfiction and memoirs are sold by book proposals. They are a requirement for all literary agents and traditional publishers and tell the who, what, why, where, and how of you and your book. You do not need a full manuscript to submit a nonfiction book proposal. The general components of a nonfiction proposal include:

  • Query letter

  • Cover Page

  • Proposal table of contents

  • Overview (from the industry’s perspective)

  • Market analysis (BISAC, etc.)

  • Competition (recent bestselling / perennial)

  • Author Bio (authority & credentials)

  • Promotion (the author will: …)

  • Book Details (cost-factors)

  • Book Contents (annotated, chapter-by-chapter table of contents)

  • Sample Chapters (first 2 to 3 as an example of structure and writing)




You must have a completed manuscript before querying literary agents. When the agent asks for more information, the final manuscript and a book proposal are submitted with the following components:

  • Query letter with pitch

  • Cover Page 

  • Proposal table of contents

  • Overview

  • Market

  • Competition

  • Promotion

  • About the Author

  • Non-fiction tie-in (if applicable)

  • Synopsis


Bestseller Strategy Plan

If you decide to self-publish, a Bestseller Strategy Plan is essential. You need to generate sales in potential markets, and I will create a title-specific plan to guide and inspire you. You will understand how and where to launch your book successfully. The Bestseller Strategy Plan includes:

  • Industry pitch for distributors, wholesalers, and booksellers

  • Introduction blurb for hosts and emcees

  • A compelling overview of the book for marketing purposes

  • Specific URLs for potential affiliates, fee-based promotion, power forums, consignment sales

  • Topic-related blogs and publications

  • Potential sponsors and product tie-ins

  • Potential bulk-sale buyers

  • Potential hi-volume/lo-margin booksellers

  • Sample interview questions and blog post topics

  • Cooperative marketing campaigns

  • Off and online event possibilities

  • Government and military sale possibilities


Musical Line Edit

As a certified ghostwriter, I can offer a trade-secret editing technique from Wambtac called Musical Line Editing. It adds punch, impact, energy, and forward drive to manuscripts. Good manuscripts acquire sparkle and flow. Musical Line Editing considers the issues most editors find and resolve, such as the overall structure, grammar, punctuation, word choice, spelling, sentence structure, and chapter flow. But it also includes:

  • Passive-verb impact, deficiency, or invisibility

  • Static-phrasing connection or detachment

  • Paragraph power or impotence

  • Intro energy or lethargy

  • Outro momentum or fall off


Interactive Coach / Rewrite / Edit


This service may stop and restart without restriction, paid monthly for two 90 minute sessions per week. This is the most cost-effective strategy to become a published author with a marketable literary property. 

I will guide you, brainstorm, apply ghostwriting techniques, keep you on schedule, and help you make hard decisions about your manuscript. Sometimes all you need is someone to help get you on track, refocus your work, and listen. 

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Please contact me with any questions or to book your free 30-minute consultation at
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